Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

We have six on-site meeting rooms that can accommodate between 2-12 people. All have 55” screens with HDMI connectivity and access to a smart video conferencing webcam.

Each of the following rooms can be booked by the hour or on a half or full day basis between 8am – 6pm.

fire up mezzanine

Mezzanine meeting area – up to 12 people

Amber Watch – up to 8 people

Green Watch Meeting Room Fire Up

Green Watch – up to 8 people

Red Watch Meeting Room Fire Up

Red Watch – two people

Blue Watch Meeting Room Fire Up

Blue Watch – two people

White Watch Meeting Room Fire Up

White Watch – 1-2 people

Email or call the team on 01706 614848 for details.

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Front Row Financial

Fire Up is a great space to work in, the facilities are 10/10 with fully kitted out desks and small offices. The meeting rooms are great for use with clients and I will definitely be working there on a regular basis in the next few months.

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