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Frequently Asked Questions


Explore our frequently asked questions to find the answers to our most common queries. If we have not covered your specific question then please do not hesitate to get in touch with .us

Fire Up co-working space offer several benefits to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs, including:

Cost-effective workstyles: Fire Up provides an affordable solution for individuals or small businesses looking for a professional workspace without the high costs of renting a traditional office. Fire Up offers flexible membership options, so you can choose the package that suits your budget and needs.

Networking opportunities: Fire Up brings together a community of like-minded individuals, which can lead to networking opportunities, collaboration, and potential business partnerships.

Business support: Specialists in innovation, business strategy, access to business finance and other areas, are available on-site to offer guidance and help navigate the range of support available to businesses. Our upcoming events can be found on the events page of the Fire Up website.

Productivity: Fire Up provides a dedicated workspace that can help improve your productivity. Being surrounded by other hardworking individuals can provide motivation and accountability, helping you stay focused and on task.

Access to amenities: Fire Up offers a range of amenities, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing, which can save you time and money on essential services.

Flexibility: Fire Up offers flexible membership options, which means you can choose the work hours and the workspace that suits your needs. This can be especially beneficial for freelancers or those with unconventional work schedules.

Professional environment: Fire Up provides a professional atmosphere that can enhance your credibility and create a positive impression on clients and partners. Those who lease an office on a permanent basis can also register Fire Up as their business address.

Our co-working space can benefit a variety of individuals and businesses, including:

Freelancers: Freelancers who work from home may feel isolated and unproductive. Co-working spaces provide a professional, collaborative environment that can improve productivity and creativity.

Small business owners: Small business owners who cannot afford a traditional office space can benefit from co-working space, which offers a range of amenities at an affordable cost.

Remote workers: With the rise of hybrid working, co-working spaces can provide a flexible option for those who need a break from working at home.

Startups: Startups can benefit from the community and networking opportunities that co-working spaces provide. They can also offer flexibility to scale up or down quickly.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can use co-working spaces as a hub to connect with like-minded individuals and potential investors.

Non-profits and charities: Non-profits and charities can benefit from co-working spaces as they often have limited resources and need a professional workspace to carry out their mission.

Fire Up offers a range of benefits to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industries. We provide a flexible, cost-effective, and professional workspace that can help boost productivity, creativity, and collaboration.

Our flexible and affordable prices put a comfortable, inspiring working space within reach of every small business, startup and freelance entrepreneur.

Hot desks - from £20/per day
Meeting rooms - from £40/per day
Events space - from £40/per hour
Offices – from £100 per day

For more details, please visit our pricing page.

You can book a viewing through our website or contact the Fire Up team at or 01706 614848. Our staff will be delighted to take you on a tour of Fire Up and let you explore our space.

Located opposite Rochdale train station, Fire Up is more than just a co-working space - it's a central hub for building a thriving business community. Our co-working space has on-site business support (provided by GM Business Growth Hub) , regular events, plus workshops that you can join to help expand your business network and explore collaboration opportunities.

Yes you can but as it is a separate resource to the meeting rooms, relevant charges will apply.

We use our White Watch meeting room for online meetings/phone calls. It’s a free resource if you have booked space elsewhere at Fire Up.

Fire Up is open from 8am – 6pm Monday - Friday. Last entry is 4:45pm.

Yes, our superfast broadband operates on a secure network.

Animals are not allowed on-site, except for assistance animals.

We do not currently have other locations.

We have a very limited number of spaces on-site as we share the small car park with the Fireground museum, but parking is available nearby at these locations:

  • Central Retail Park - OL11 1DU (150 spaces)
  • Kent Street Car Park - OL11 3SL (20 spaces)
  • Miall Street - OL11 1HY

Rochdale train station is 100 metres away and there is a Metrolink outside the front of the building.

We have a secure outdoor cycle storage hangar on site and shower facilities for anyone who wishes to cycle or run to Fire Up.

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