How Co-working Spaces Can Provide an Energising and Inspiring Environment for Corporate Away Days

How Co-working Spaces Can Provide an Energising and Inspiring Environment for Corporate Away Days News / By Fire Up / 2nd October 2023

How Co-working Spaces Can Provide an Energising and Inspiring Environment for Corporate Away Days.

In today's fast-paced corporate world, it's important to find ways to inspire creativity and boost morale. Luckily, co-working spaces are the perfect solution for businesses looking to inject new life into their meetings and away days. Fire Up offers a unique opportunity to enhance your team's creativity while providing all the amenities necessary for a professional atmosphere. With well equipped meeting rooms and event spaces, collaboration has never been easier. At Fire Up we're seeing an increase in local Rochdale businesses using Fire Up as an extension to their office spaces for corporate days and meeting activities.

Corporate Away Days

Corporate away days are an excellent way to enhance team spirit and motivation by providing a change of scenery and an opportunity for teams to connect and engage in team building activities. These activities may provide valuable insights that will have a positive influence on your organisation while also helping team members to recharge.

Why Fire Up Rochdale

Co-working spaces with meeting rooms can change the way meetings are conducted and can provide fully equipped meeting rooms holding your next event at Fire Up provides the following advantages for new business and the local community:

  1. Flexibility: Fire Up provides a range of meeting rooms that accommodate different group sizes from a one-on-one meeting to a client conference or presentation.
  2. Privacy: Meeting spaces at Fire Up provide a level of privacy that open workspace areas might not. This is essential for private conversations, developing strategies, or job interviews.
  3. Accessibility: Fire Up is strategically located in Rochdale city centre or easily accessible locations, making it convenient for attendees to reach your meeting.
  4. Amenities: We have six on-site meeting rooms that can accommodate between 2-12 people. All have 55” screens with HDMI connectivity and access to a smart video conferencing webcam. All attendees at Fire Up have access to our ultra-fast Wi-Fi, free printing, business support and refreshments.
Fire Up Meeting Rooms
Fire Up Meeting Rooms

By choosing Fire Up for your corporate away day and team meetings you are choosing an environment that energises your team whole also sparking innovation and collaboration.

You can find further information about Fire Up on our website: FireupRochdale

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