The Benefits

Why consider a co-working space? Firstly, it’s an affordable way to work. Co-working gives you everything a new business needs, from fast connectivity to VIP areas, for much less than the cost of renting an entire office.

And quite simply, Fire Up is an inspiring place to create and collaborate. It’s housed in Rochdale’s historic old fire station, one of Rochdale’s architectural gems.

It’s also superbly well connected. Fire Up is located right at the heart of Rochdale town centre, a stone’s throw from excellent transport links to Manchester and the rest of our city region. And our friendly, passionate team will give you all the essential business support you need to help you thrive and grow.

One of the big benefits of co-working is the chance to share ideas and inspiration with other entrepreneurs. You can do that every day at Fire Up, and we’ll also be organising a calendar of events to bring our tenant businesses together.

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