Winter co-working and the rise of the Hub and Spoke model at Fire Up

Winter co-working and the rise of the Hub and Spoke model at Fire Up News / By Fire Up / 29th November 2023

Winter co-working and the rise of the Hub and Spoke model at Fire Up

As we enter into the colder months of the year, we're often affected by adverse weather conditions, the breakdown of boilers and long traffic jams. With flexible working opportunities offered by many businesses, we've seen a rise in the adoption of the hub and spoke approach from businesses across Greater Manchester.

What is the Hub and Spoke approach?

Likening the Hub and Spoke concept to a wheel with its central 'hub' point and the spokes branching out, this model centres around the main office (the hub) and the localised working spaces (the spokes). This approach is beneficial at this time of year when employees and clients appreciate a more flexible approach and remote working.

With our ideal location, strong transport links and flexible packages here at Fire Up in Rochdale, we've seen a significant increase in demand for our meeting rooms and hot desks. This rise is driven by Greater Manchester 'city centre' based businesses searching for a more local and convenient solution to their professional premises and connectivity requirements.

Benefits of the Hub and Spoke Model
  1. Improved Health and Wellbeing
    We are all becoming more aware of work life balance issues and a location like Fire Up can take a role in this. In what is called the hub and spoke model, businesses with a central office, such as in Manchester, can reduce commutes by using local locations, like Fire Up. Less time spent commuting means employees can enjoy a better work life balance.

  2. Reduction in Costs
    With energy costs such an issue, using Fire Up as your office, instead of your home, saves on heating costs. People will also benefit from the social environment of working with other people around. They can also use the Fireground coffee shop for drinks and snacks.

  3. Expand your business networks and contacts
    Being based in a co-working environment, opens up opportunities outside the normal business office location. You'll be exposed to people from different industries and sectors who can expand your business networks and ideas.
Our Rochdale Fire Up Solution

Fire Up is the place to be! If you need space for a meeting that you lack in your own office, or extra working spaces for new or short term contract colleagues. Fire Up can help.

Want to meet clients in a professional environment? For somewhere to have a meeting with a few people? The private office pods are an ideal solution. They can seat up to four people and all are equipped with 27” inch curved monitors, keyboard and mouse, plus modern office furniture as standard. You may want use the office to hold a virtual meeting, then you can take advantage of the superfast internet.

Working spaces are available to give you or your colleagues somewhere to work while you cannot use your own office or to provide desks for additional colleagues that may not need to be in the company office full time.

And finally, a meeting rooms are available to be booked when more space is needed. There are rooms for up six people and the mezzanine for 16. For your larger meetings we have the event space for up to 30 people.

Visitors can be assured of Fire Up's has excellent connectivity, with power points and USB ports at every desk and in every office and meeting room. This combined with the modern office furniture and the classic architecture of the former fire station, Fire Up is a great resource available to businesses in Rochdale and the surrounding area.

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