Celebrating International Co-Working Day With Afternoon Tea Wednesday 9th August

Celebrating International Co-Working Day With Afternoon Tea Wednesday 9th August News / By Fire Up / 9th August 2023

Celebrating International Co-Working Day with Afternoon Tea - Wednesday 9th August 1pm-3pm

There’s nothing like a cup of coffee and a piece of cake to bring us all together, that’s why we’re planning to ‘Drink Tea, Raise Money and Change Lives’ on International Co-Working Day, by participating in the Breast Cancer Now Afternoon Tea.

History of International Co-Working Day

When hackers in Berlin sought out a place to gather and exchange ideas in 1995, the idea of co-working was born. But it wasn't until 2005, when software engineer Brad Neuberg blogged about encouraging creators to come together as a community that it really took off.

International Co-Working Day celebrated on August 9, recognises the impact of the co-working movement. The day is a reminder that we are all a part of something. Coworking is when employees from various businesses share a workspace, co-working spaces get together on this day to celebrate the occasion.

The Breast Cancer Now event will bring together the co-working community of this International Co-Working Day by creating opportunities for networking, and celebration. Through the creation of connections and collaboration we create a sense of belonging, events provide the ideal atmosphere for strengthening communities. Join our building community of businesses and Rochdale residents as come together, network, and explore Fire Up’s fantastic co-working space.

Stop Cancer Now

In 2019, Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Care united to form the UK’s most comprehensive breast cancer charity. Both charities have a rich heritage in raising money and campaigning for breast cancer research and care. They make real changes for people affected by the disease. The charity’s vision is to make sure that by 2050, everyone with breast cancer lives, and lives well.

Discover more about Breast Cancer Now: About Afternoon Tea | Breast Cancer Now | Breast Cancer Now

Event Details

Wednesday 9th August afternoon tea is from 1pm - 3pm

Limited spaces are available book your space today International Co-Working Day Open House & Charity Afternoon Tea Tickets, Wed 9 Aug 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

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