Enterprising You - Starting Your Business Workshops (In Person)

Enterprising You - Starting Your Business Workshops (In Person) Events / By Fire Up / 19th March 2024

Starting Your Business In-Person Workshops – Rochdale

Ready to turn your business dream into reality in 2024? Embrace the opportunity right on your doorstep with EnterprisingYou’s free 'Starting Your Business' in-person workshops in Rochdale. Whether you're bursting with passion or a bit jittery about starting out on your own, we've got you covered.

  • We'll guide you through the essential steps, making sure you're equipped to start up with confidence. No more confusing business jargon – we'll demystify it all!
  • Meet with like-minded individuals in person, gain insight on developing the right mindset, and realise you're not alone in those startup jitters.
  • Discover marketing – how to make your idea work by meeting customer needs.
  • Learn the ropes of managing finances, mastering cash flow, and conquering the fear of taxes.
  • Minimise your need for outside funding and take control of your entrepreneurial adventure.

Workshops will be held at Fire Up Coworking space on the following dates:

Tuesday 19th March

Monday 13th May

Friday 12th July

Thursday 19th September,

Wednesday 20th November

Tuesday 21st January 2025.

Don't miss out, enquire and book your place today > Starting a business | Enterprising You (enterprising-you.co.uk)

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