An exciting programme of AI focussed events at Fire Up

An exciting programme of AI focussed events at Fire Up News / By Fire Up / 21st December 2023

Turning Innovation Catalyst (TIC) and Fire Up are teaming up to bring a variety of AI focussed events to Rochdale.

TIC, launched in 2023, focus on commercialising and accelerating AI and tech in Greater Manchester. Run in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Salford, Manchester Innovation Factory, GM Centre for Digital Innovation, the Hartree Centre, and the Alan Turing Institute; its core aim is to increase private sector investment in R&D and create a more agile, and collaborative way for researchers and private companies to work together.

They’ve identified Rochdale and the vibrant community co-working space at Fire Up as the perfect first location for this series of events.

TIC and their experts will run the events, focusing on the use of AI by businesses, and will be held at Fire Up. its location in the centre of Rochdale and with easy access to Manchester city centre made it perfect location to launch the series.

The programme of events are open to everyone. They will be of particular interest to those looking to use AI, to those already using it but are looking to improve, and to AI researchers and potential investors.

The importance of AI is increasing, and more and more companies are seeing advantages to its use. The pace of the advances in AI is increasing all the time. More and more companies are now looking at how they can use AI, and this programme of events will give you information and advice about the best way to do that.

Areas that will be covered are:

  • Helping AI startups and established business to scale up
  • Raising investment
  • Help locally based startups and scaleups access support directly from TIC and other providers
  • How to bring AI skills into a business
  • Planning for AI as a career

There will also be numerous TIC events in Central Manchester that Rochdale based businesses will be invited to and these will be announced in the coming months.

To ensure attendees get the most out of the programme there will be a variety of formats. These will include:

  • Panel events - hear from a number of experts on a specific topic with the opportunity to follow up directly after the event
  • Discovery sessions - focused on sharing practical details about a particular topic or type of support on offer. With the opportunity to ask questions and to properly assess whether a specific path is right for you
  • Office hours - members from a specific organisation will be available for pre-bookable 30-minute sessions to answer questions and provide 1-2-1 help/advice
  • Social events with very little structured content that provide the opportunity for networking with like-minded founders/AI enthusiasts or skill-seekers.
Keep a look out for our forthcoming events in the New Year here.

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