6 Ways Co-working Can Improve Your Wellbeing

6 Ways Co-working Can Improve Your Wellbeing News / By Fire Up / 30th June 2023

6 Ways Co-working Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Wellbeing and community play crucial roles in our lives and society, contributing to improved quality of life, enhanced productivity, and greater fulfilment. Community provides a sense of belonging, support, and social interaction. To build a thriving society, it is important to prioritise wellbeing and a sense of community.

Wellbeing features various factors that directly impact our health and happiness, including physical, mental, emotional, and social. At Fire Up we value the wellbeing of our clients and colleagues and strive to support wellbeing through community events and a supportive environment.

The introduction of hybrid working has transformed how many companies operate, aiming to enhance work-life balance. This shift towards flexibility has led to a growing demand for flexible workspaces where individuals can access amenities, receive support, and experience a sense of community. Unlike traditional offices, Fire Up offer a more adaptable approach, providing office rooms and individual or bank desks that can be booked according to your business needs. Embracing this flexibility empowers you to adjust your workspace to suit your requirements.

6 Benefits Of Co-working

1. Flexibility

Enjoy flexibility at Fire Up by tailoring your workplace to your needs, with hot desk pricing starting from £20 per day and available on a daily, half-day, or monthly basis, as well as private offices perfect for small teams starting at £275 per month.

2. Make New Connections

Foster new connections and a strong sense of community by joining coworking spaces. According to a study by Emergent Research, 79% of coworking members said coworking has helped them develop their professional networks. At Fire Up, we provide frequent networking events that give you a fantastic opportunity to expand your business contacts and grow your network.

3. Support

At Fire Up we have a diverse range of business support services provided by Rochdale Borough Council, Rochdale Development Agency, and the Business Growth Hub. We provide on-site business assistance experts and drop-in sessions to help businesses navigate the business world.

4. Increased Productivity

Increase your productivity by collaborating with people from various sectors. Get away from the distractions of working from home and discover inspiration in Fire Up's creative coworking environment surrounded by like-minded people.

5. Cost Effective

Reduce costs at Fire Up with scalable, adaptable workplace options that are inexpensive to travel with great transportation links across the region.

6. Amenities

High-speed internet, meeting spaces, conference rooms, reception support, front-desk help, community activities, and an on-site coffee shop are among the services available at Fire Up.

Expand your connections and join our co-working community, if you’d like to know more about Fire Up contact us

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